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Planning Tips | Creating a Mood Board

As a Wedding Planner, I’m lucky enough to be exposed to so many beautiful and unique weddings. There’s also now an abundance of wedding blogs, each filled to the brim with inspirational ideas from every style and budget imaginable, which can make even the bravest of Brides feel overwhelmed. Pinterest is also a great tool for finding ideas, but it can be all too easy to get carried away. It’s important to be selective with the images you pin; only pinning the ones you absolutely LOVE. It can be helpful to go through your pins every couple of months and delete the ones that you no longer love, before you end up with hundreds of mismatched pins on your board.

One of my first tasks for clients is to create a design concept that is true to the couple. This is a comprehensive collection of inspiration for a wedding design and style – allowing me to focus on each element of their wedding day individually. We use this concept as a guide throughout the planning process,  to make sure everything pairs together perfectly. I did the very same for my own wedding, and my clients find it hugely helpful to have a visual collection of inspiration which they love.

There is much more to creating a mood board (and a wedding style) than choosing a colour scheme! Of course it can be helpful to narrow down the whole Pantone colour palette to a few select favourites, but it’s important to place ideas on your mood board which reflect you both as a couple. Take some time (separately and together) to consider what the most important factors to you are for your wedding day, and make a note of your top 5. I’m fairly sure the colour of the table linen won’t feature in either of your lists!

Once you begin selecting inspiration images for your mood board, try to cover each element of your wedding, and if you’re not sure about some of them you can always add to this later on as your ideas develop. As a minimum my design concept usually includes:

  • The overall style and bigger picture
  • Colour palette ideas
  • Floral design ideas
  • Venue decoration
  • Food and drink
  • Guest entertainment
  • Lighting

Here’s a sneak peak at a botanical mood board I created recently for a styled shoot:

Once the design concept has been tweaked and finalised, it makes the planning process much more productive, as you’ll have a vision to work towards. Of course, everyone changes their mind about little things along the way, but mood boards can always be adapted as your ideas develop.

If you would like further information about creating your own mood board, or if you would like a professional to create one for you, to kick start your planning, do get in touch – I’d love to hear all about your ideas for your wedding day!

Jeni x