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As a Wedding Planner, I’m often asked by my clients for inspiration for their favours, so I thought I would write a post offering a variety of ideas for your guests.

Wedding favours are hugely popular at weddings, and are believed to have been given at high class weddings hundreds of years ago. Traditionally they consisted of a small jewelled box filled with sugar cubes, sugared almonds or other sweet treats, although the wedding favour has moved on a lot since then, and the tradition has spread across the world evolving into a huge market in it’s own right today. Offering a favour to your wedding guests is a lovely gesture as a token thank you for sharing your wedding day, and although sugared almonds are still very much tradition, your choices needn’t be limited to sweet treats.

Below are some of my favourite suggestions:


This is my number one suggestion, as it’s what I offered my guests as our wedding favours! My mum spent a few days hand making these gorgeous fabric pouches filled with dried lavender. We then wrapped them in grosgrain ribbon which we had also used in the wedding decor, and added a little hand-stamped ‘With Love’ tag. Our guests loved them, and the Orangery smelt incredible as we had added them to each place setting.

Image by Judi Checketts Photography


For obvious reasons, alcohol is always a favourite with wedding favours! It’s something most of your guests will use and enjoy and a pretty bottle looks great with your place setting. One of my current wedding couples have created a batch of sloe gin from homegrown sloe berries, which adds a super personal touch to their tables. They have been bottled in clip top kilner bottles, and added a hand-stamped label to thank guests for being a part of their special day.

Image via Oyster & Pearl Design


For similar reasons to the sloe gin, (almost) everyone will eat a biscuit. Not everyone is as keen on chocolate or macarons as I am, so a biscuit is usually a safe option! For previous Vanilla Rose clients, we have commissioned bespoke biscuits, and wrapped in cellophane bags with a little note or personalised sticker. Ask your cake designer if they’re able to provide iced biscuits for your wedding favours, and they’ll tie in with your cake design too!

Biscuits by Olofson Design


This is one for the girls…although you could offer the gents something similar with a mens scent. Something that guests can take away and use at home to remind them of your wedding day. This could be anything from a scented soap, or body polish to a mini perfume spritz or candle. Your Reception room will smell gorgeous too! Willow & Honey offer a bespoke soy wax candle service for wedding favours, so you’re free to print your own message on the candle jar.

Candle by Willow & Honey


For those green fingered wedding guests, why not offer them a live favour? Perhaps your new surname is the name of a plant variety – a quirky way to remind your guests of your special day each time they look at their plant in the garden! A mini potted herb or succulent would suit even the most novice gardener!

Image via The Blog By Be

Will you be giving wedding favours, or have you decided against them? It’s often a topic of hot debate between couples, but if you do decide to include them within your wedding, I hope I have provided some sweet ideas and inspiration for you to consider!

Jeni x