Monthly Round Ups

Monthly Round Up | February 2017

Hi Everyone!

I’m back with my Monthly Round Up post for February. I’ve had a really busy month, so it’s hardly surprising we’re almost in March now, but I’m definitely welcoming the slightly warmer weather and few lovely sunny days we’ve been having over the last couple of weeks (minus the storm at the end of last week!). I don’t know about you, but I definitely feel brighter, inspired, and so much happier when the skies are blue and there’s even just a hint of sunshine! Anyway, here’s what I have been up to over the past four weeks:


Some of you may know that I’m now a writer for B.LOVED, and my first post for 2017 last week featured a beautiful Spring inspired moodboard and some top tips for embracing the Spring season in your wedding design. If you missed it, you can read it again HERE.

I’ve been planning a number of editorial projects for later this year, and I’m really excited to be collaborating with some of my absolute faves in the industry. I can’t share anymore just yet, but stay tuned!

I’ve met with all of my couples to catch up with wedding plans and formulate action plans for the next stage in our planning journeys. Invitations have been packaged and sent, and I’ve been tablescape planning for a couple of my weddings – one of my favourite tasks!

I have been true to my word from last month, in spending one day in London each month to meet with industry friends, and this month I met with some lovely contacts :-). It’s so refreshing to work in an industry where everyone is super friendly, inviting, and inspiring!


We didn’t spend much time on the house in the first couple of weeks this month, but over the last two weeks we’ve built a home gym and also made plans for some exciting developments which will unfold over the Spring and Summer. I’ve held so many gym memberships over the years, but never managed to keep one for longer than a year, as I’m always super dedicated for the first couple of months, and then tend to not be able to find the spare few hours to go, or just haven’t had the motivation to continue. So we decided to create one at home, as it’s so much easier to find an hour of time in the evening, whilst dinner is in the oven, and Bella has gone to bed! So far, so good, and hopefully we’ll keep this membership up!!


February is always quite a busy one for events, as it’s Valentines Day and also my husbands Birthday. For Valentines Day, we spent a lovely day in London; starting with Brunch at The Wolseley, which was just fabulous, followed by cocktails with a view at Sky Garden, and a boat trip along the Thames to Westminster, finishing with a stroll through St James’ Park. We felt like true tourists for the day, which we didn’t mind at all. We lived in Central London for years before moving out to Oxfordshire, but the City changes so often, and often tourist attractions are the first thing to avoid when you actually live in London, so I love going just for the day or a weekend and embracing all those things we didn’t get around to doing at the time!

The Wolseley, London

Sky Garden, London

Tower Bridge, London

St James Park, London

For Chris’ Birthday, we spent a fun family day at Bucklebury Farm Park before heading over to The Woodspeen for a delicious lunch. The food here is absolutely amazing, and it’s such a beautiful venue, so definitely worth a visit if you have a chance! They have a cookery school too, which is definitely on my list for later this year.

The Woodspeen, Berkshire

In between, we visited the Oxford Museum of Natural History, which Bella loved. The building is truly magnificent, and well worth visiting outside of school holidays! We also enjoyed a night out in London with my brother and his girlfriend at Dinerama in Shoreditch, followed by cocktails at Nightjar. Both venues are just amazing, and so much fun. They both have a great atmosphere, and if you follow my Instastories, you’ll have seen more of both of them when I was there! The cocktail menu at Nightjar is really something else, and you could spend many hours here trying out the different creations which are so intricate and beautifully presented. During the day that weekend, we spent an afternoon on a Land Rover Experience, which was gifted to us by Land Rover when we bought our car last year. It was more an educational experience than I perhaps had thought it would be, but it was a lot of fun, and I got myself stuck in the muddy ruts on more than one occasion – pretty much laughing myself out of it whilst the instructor told me what I needed to do to get the wheels to spin off! The best part was learning the angles at which the cars can get to on their side before they will tip over, and trying to see how close we could get to that, whilst holding on very tightly to our seats!

Land Rover Experience at Luton Hoo Estate

Today is pancake day, and I’m looking forward to making some pancakes with Bella tonight. Our favourites are blueberry pancakes with yoghurt, nutella and maple syrup! What are yours?

Until next month…..

Jeni x