Monthly Round Ups

October 2019

Hi! Thank you for stopping by :-). Each month I post a monthly round up; sharing an insight into my life as a Luxury UK Wedding Planner. I’d love to hear from you what you’d love me to include or talk about more in my monthly round up posts. So please send me an email or Instagram message to let me know. I’ll try my best to share as much as I can with you in the coming months!


My wedding season has now come to an end for 2019, so this month has been a little different to the rest of the year so far. There’s been lots of office organising, clearing, and cleaning! There’s very little time for that in the heat of the season so I love taking this time to get organised again with my office and work environment. It helps to clear the mind and re-set, ready for the next season!

I’ve also been spending some time seeing some lovely venues and suppliers, for 2020 weddings and suppliers I love to work with. I’ve had a couple of days in London. Meetings with Merrie & Bright, Justina from HD Moments, Julie Michaelsen, and Camilla Arnhold. It’s so important to have great relationships with the suppliers I recommend to my couples, and the Summer period is just too busy to fit these little treats in!

I’ve been chatting to lots of lovely Brides and couples for 2020/21 enquiries, and have booked a few gorgeous weddings in Oxfordshire and the Cotswolds for next year. I also have another wedding in Surrey which I’m super excited about! I love hearing engagement stories and early plans and inspirations from couples who are just starting out in their planning journey. It’s always such a joy to hear and join the excitement!

I posted a Blog feature earlier this month with some Winter luxe inspiration for a beautiful Winter wedding, embracing the colder months. Something which is definitely becoming more popular, and I personally love! If you haven’t yet read it, you can have a peek here.

Family & Home

It’s been half term for 2 weeks this month; the first week we were away for a family holiday in Greece. Then for the second week we did lots of Halloween craft activities with the children. We made paper chains. Picked and carved our own pumpkins. Chose Halloween outfits! Our daughter absolutely loves Halloween, and has been excited about it for weeks. So it was lovely to sit down and do some activities with her!

We’ve now almost been in our house for a year, and as it’s a new build, we haven’t been able to decorate anywhere yet. I’ve been itching to get going with some decorating for the last couple of months. I’ve now begun putting together some mood boards for the bedrooms; ordering fabric and wallpaper samples, paint testers, and textiles for detailing. Once we start with the decorating I’ll share some transformation photos with you. I loved having a white blank canvas house to begin with, but now I feel the need for an injection of some darker colours. Epecially now we’re coming into Winter, so I’m super excited to get started!

Hope you’ve all had a great October, and Happy Halloween!

Jeni x