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What does a Wedding Planner do?

One question I’m frequently asked is “What does a Wedding Planner do? Are you there for the wedding day too?” The simple answer is “Everything, and yes!”, but I’ve put together a helpful guide to help you to understand what’s involved when working with a professional Wedding Planner, so that you can consider if it’s right for you when you’re on your wedding planning journey.

Wedding Planner vs Venue Co-ordinator

I’ll start off by saying that although often compared, these two roles are wildly different. A Venue Co-ordinator (or Event Manager/Planner/Co-ordinator) is employed by the venue. Often as a sales role first, to show potential clients around the venue and secure the booking, and then as a point of contact for those couples once confirmed, to answer any questions they might have about what is and isn’t possible at the venue. They then will request all final details from the couple a month or two before the event, so they’re able to making staffing arrangements for the day and know where furniture should be, what is being delivered when, and who will be on site on the day in terms of supplier teams. They are usually there on the day itself too, to welcome guests as they arrive, enable access to the correct spaces, and be on hand for any venue related questions. The point I’m making here is that they are specifically employed to manage the event from a venue perspective – very helpful in my instance, as they know the venue inside out and know where plug sockets are, access times, room measurements etc!

Our role as a Wedding Planner is something quite different. We are employed by the couple, and work independently of any venues or suppliers. Our job is to design, plan and execute an event which meets the couples brief and within their specified budget. Our work begins often 12-18 months beforehand, and is a fully comprehensive service which is bespoke to the couples needs. Planning a wedding can be a large financial commitment, so in the same way that you would enlist the help of an Architect, Project Manager and Interior Designer if you were planning a remodel or extension for your home, a Wedding Planner is there to guide you through the process with ease, and curate an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. It’s a memorable life event which deserves careful planning and detailed consideration to make it as magical as it should be.

This all takes time, and on average we spend between 300-400 hours planning a wedding over the course of 12-18 months, so we only take on a limited number of projects each year, to enable us to dedicate our time fully to each client and put our heart and soul into designing and planning every event with the highest level of detail, care and attention that it deserves. Venues vary in the number of weddings they are able to hold each year, and can range from 5 to 200 – so it’s a good question to ask when considering a venue, as that will provide a good insight into how much time a Venue Co-ordinator will be able to give you throughout your planning journey.

The role of a Wedding Planner

The list is often endless, but some of the key tasks that a Wedding Planner will do for you are:


Creating a bespoke design for your celebrations, based on your personalities, lifestyle, colour preferences, cuisine styles and budget


Pairing your design plan with a realistic budget. I know it might be boring, but having a clear idea of your overall budget from the beginning is so important. A Wedding Planner will break down your overall budget into every element of your day and keep track of your spending throughout to make sure you stay within your means. It’s easy to get carried away! A good Wedding Planner will know how much you should be spending on catering, a Photographer in the style you love, a great band etc. We have up to date knowledge of the industry and what everything should cost


Sourcing and recommending the best supplier team to bring your plans to life. From finding you the perfect venue and catering team, to a cake and stationery designer, we’ll guide you through the journey with ease – recommending the best team to meet the creative brief, within your budget


Tracking deposits, payments and invoices with all suppliers


Managing the supplier process, briefing and ongoing planning with each individual supplier throughout. Often we might build a team of 15+ suppliers to deliver an event, so it’s important to make sure everything works cohesively together


Designing the floor plan for dining and/or site layout if you have a marquee. This is particularly important to ensure you can fit everything comfortably into the space you have available. Designing where lounge seating will go, ensuring you have enough space around the tables for the waiting team to serve dinner; all of this is essential to a successful and seamless event


Creating a detailed schedule and timeline for your celebrations. These are often 20-30 pages long, and are the blueprint to the running of your wedding. They contain all of the information needed to execute a fabulous event, from more simple details such as suppliers contact information and delivery timings to meticulous decor styling details, electrical plans, guest movement and menu specifics. These are shared with your supplier team and venue ahead of your wedding date so that everyone has all of the information they need


Managing your event from beginning to end. We’re often first on site and last to leave; making sure that every last detail is taken care of, overseeing logistics and managing supplier teams. We’re the main point of contact between you as the couple, your guests, the venue and suppliers, to overcome any issues that may arise, and keep a subtle eye on timings to ensure everything runs seamlessly.


If you’d like to discuss your plans in more detail and are considering hiring a Wedding Planner, we’d love to hear from you. For more information on our wedding planning services, you can read more here, or get in touch to schedule an initial Discovery Call.